“If You Don’t Get It Built, The Work Doesn’t Matter”

The above is a great quote from Seth Godin’s Blog today.  He references the work of architects and how it doesn’t matter how beautiful the plans are if the building never gets constructed.

I think Financial Planning operates in much the same way.   We can craft elegant financial plans for clients that will help them reach their goals.  We can generate pages of material to back up these plans, and present them in a beautiful manner.

But if we can’t help clients build those plans, brick by brick, month by month, it doesn’t matter.  We’ve given them beautiful blueprints for a building that will never exist.

What’s more important?  The plan, or the outcome?

We all need to focus more on the daily and weekly actions that will lead to successful years and ultimately to a life well lived, and with the financial resources that support our goals and dreams.  This reason is why an ongoing relationship with a financial planner that can help to guide and revise plans as life’s inevitable changes come at us is so important.  Writing a plan and putting it on your bookshelf isn’t going to help you reach your goals.  Regular consultations with a caring planner can.