Cicily Maton’s Retirement: The Generational & TPC Planner Legacy Transfer

Eric Kies, CFP®, CEO/CCO/Sr. FP

After a stellar career, our friend and colleague, Cicily Maton, CFR®, CeFT®, Senior Financial Planner, will be retiring in January, 2023. For those of you who’ve had the pleasure of working with Cicily, it’ll come as no surprise that she’s thoroughly prepared both her clients and colleagues for this change. In fact, as a Certified Transitionist, Cicily is exceptionally well-equipped to help people navigate all kinds of major life events and manage the financial challenges that go along with them. Her expertise in this area is one of the qualities that made Cicily such a great fit when she joined The Planning Center in 2015, since we are well known for helping clients transition wealth from one generation to the next. As we prepare to say goodbye to Cicily, I’m taking this opportunity to share some of the wisdom she’s demonstrated as she’s prepared for her departure, so we can continue to learn from one of The Greats.

Pioneering Career that Helped Women

For those of you who don’t know Cicily, she began her career as a financial planner as a result of her own major life change. After going through a divorce, she started a firm that specialized in helping other divorced women manage the financial challenges the experience presented. She helped her clients learn how to manage their own money, dream big, and set goals. She counseled her clients to always have a five-year plan, then she helped them make financial decisions that would allow them to live a wonderful life – however they chose to define it.

Back when Cicily started her career in the early 90’s, there weren’t a lot of financial planners around, and very few of them were women. Being an industry pioneer did not faze Cicily. She believed in herself and her mission. Her unwavering focus over the years has been to meet the client’s needs and she developed a solid process for doing exactly that.

Systematic Process Ensures Smooth Transition

When Cicily brought her practice to The Planning Center seven years ago, 100% of her clients came with her, which speaks to the dedication she’s shown them as well as the loyalty they feel towards her. Not surprisingly, as Cicily considered her own retirement, ensuring a smooth transition was a top priority for her as well as for us.

Two years ago we brought Andy Baxley, CFP®, CIMA®, Senior Financial Planner, on board, and through a gradual, systematic process, he worked with Cicily and met with her clients. Cicily made sure Andy had time to become comfortable with her process and made sure her clients had time to get comfortable with him. Andy, of course, is his own person and brings his own knowledge, talents, and experience to the table, but Cicily’s approach has created a secure foundation. Now Andy is fully prepared to meet the client’s needs to the high standard Cicily always maintained.

Taking Her Own Advice

Cicily has also done the work to prepare herself for retirement. Over the years she has maintained her own five-year plan and made financial decisions that aligned with her aspirations. Most importantly, she will be retiring to a very full life. To be honest, I think she will be busier as a retiree. To give you an idea, she is learning Korean in preparation for an upcoming trip. She has been training as a speed walker and is considering the possibility of trying to qualify for the Senior Olympics. She wants to learn how to play the guitar and has recently developed a strong interest in the K-pop scene. I, for one, look forward to hearing about her adventures.

We thank Cicily for the wisdom she has shared with all of us over the years as we congratulate her on another successful transition – her own. We know it wasn’t always easy, but we admire and appreciate the fact that she made it fun.

If you are considering or are in a major life transition, we are ready to help. Contact The Planning Center today.