What is behind a CFP®?

What is behind a CFP®?

by Matt Knoll

As a young professional there are milestones, both personally and professionally that are strived for.  Getting married, buying a house, or getting a promotion might be some or all transitions a young professional works toward.  The transition from a college environment has passed and a new era of establishing the foundation in an industry to hopefully make a lifelong working career is the new stage of life.

As a Financial Planner, the biggest milestone to reach as a young professional is to become a Certified Financial Planner®.  Acquiring the CFP® designation isn’t just about getting a job promotion though.  The CFP® is one of the highest regarded professional certifications for a financial planner with requirements in education, experience, ethics, and a final comprehensive exam.  The certification not only provides the knowledge base for financial planning but also provides confidence and a sense of credibility when making recommendations.

I started full time with The Planning Center in 2013 with the hope to one day become a CFP® and am proud to finally be able to say I’ve accomplished that goal.  The hours spent studying, sacrificing free time, and passing on social life events to get to the CFP® milestone is well worth it, as is any major milestone in life.  Part of being a good planner is helping you reach your own milestones professionally, personally, and financially. I would love to have that conversation and start planning to help you reach your goals.

Matt Knoll, CFP®  is a Financial Planner in the  Quad Cities office of The Planning Center, a fee-only financial planning and wealth management firm.

Email him at: mattk@theplanningcenter.com.