TPC In The News – 2015 Highlights

Here is an archive of our top media hits in 2015.

November 2015: Networth and Income Based Retainers – A podcast featuring Andrew Sivertsen, CFP® sharing with advisors about the structure and rational of NWI retainers.

October 2015: FPA NexGen Finds Success in Boston, Looks Forward to Gathering – Andrew Sivertsen, CFP® interviewed about the importance of young planners serving the next generation of clients.

October 2015: 3 Ways to Fix Your Investment Portfolio Before January – Eric Kies, CFP® explains essential things to do before year-end for retirement accounts.

October 2015: For Empty Nesters, Spending May Trump Extra Savings – When the kids leave home, some parents splurge on travel and other spending – See quotes from Eric Kies, CFP®.

September 2015: Just Go With the Cash Flow – Andrew Sivertsen, CFP® quoted on how to implement healthy cash flow.

July 2015: Young Advisors Want a Future, Not Handouts – The Planning Center mentioned for their career tracks by Andrew Sivertsen, CFP®.

July 2015: 5 Biggest Mistakes Gen X and Gen Y Make – Andrew Sivertsen, CFP® quoted about pertinent issues facing young advisors and clients.

April 2015: How Should Advisors Be Charging Now? – The Planning Center advisors were featured on the cover of financial planning magazine and quoted about NWI retainers.

April 2015: Late Night Social Security Votes Have Major Political Ramifications – Sr. Planning Analyst Ashlee Veneman quoted on desire to see legislators address social security issues.