The Planning Center featured in NAPFA Advisor Magazine

Recently featured in NAPFA Advisor, The Planning Center has garnered recognition for its unique and multi-generational approach to financial planning. Leading this innovative strategy is Michael Branham, CFP®, a seasoned shareholder and senior financial planner at the firm, who understates their unwavering commitment to longevity and sustainability. Echoing this philosophy is a poignant vision that envisions a continuity of family generations meeting with planners across the decades: “Fifty years from now, there will be a different generation of the family meeting with a different generation of planners talking about the same money.”

The article delves into The Planning Center’s cutting-edge practices, shedding light on the firm’s meticulous succession plan, successfully implemented by integrating 11 second-generation shareholders. Setting itself apart from traditional financial “mapmakers,” the firm embraces a unique role as a dedicated guide rather than a mere financial information provider. Unlike services offering one-time maps of financial landscapes, The Planning Center commits to actively assisting clients in navigating their financial lives’ intricate and evolving journey. This commitment extends beyond static advice, emphasizing an ongoing partnership that acknowledges the dynamic nature of financial landscapes and the continuous guidance clients require.

At the core of The Planning Center’s guiding philosophy is adopting a retainer model intricately tied to clients’ net worth. This strategic compensation structure is designed to cultivate transparency in financial dealings, anchoring the retainer to the comprehensive financial picture of each client, encompassing home equity and 401(k) retirement accounts, even if not directly managed by the firm.

Beyond offering transparency, the retainer model becomes a linchpin for the firm’s commitment to providing client cost certainty. In contrast to fee structures influenced by market fluctuations or frequent adjustments, the retainer model establishes a stable and predictable framework for financial planning services. This transparency fosters a clear understanding of the value provided by The Planning Center, nurturing a robust and enduring client-advisor relationship.

In an era marked by commoditization and artificial intelligence discussions, The Planning Center remains steadfast in its commitment to a human-centric methodology. Paramount importance is placed on human capital for clients and internal staff, presenting a stark contrast to transactional models prevalent in the financial planning landscape. This dual commitment to innovation and human connection positions The Planning Center as a trailblazer in the financial planning industry.