Refinancing – the Silver Lining of the Uncertain Markets

If you haven’t already, you might want to explore refinancing your home.  With all of the uncertainty in the markets, people and institutions are stocking up on US Treasury Bonds, which has the side-effect of lowering mortgage rates.  Mortgage rates have hit a new record low, and that could mean a huge benefit for your pocketbook in the form of a shorter mortgage or a lower monthly payment.

I can already hear you saying, “but it’s such a huge hassle to deal with all of the paperwork and the closing process!”

Today, it’s worth the hassle to explore your options.  Here’s a quck example to illustrate what a great deal this can be for you:

That’s $148.51 per month and $53,465.69 over the life of the loan in this example.

Now read my article on 6 tips for refinancing your home and contact your banker to get the process started today.  Then, use the money you save on something worthwhile like building your emergency fund, saving for you retirement, or something that might help with all of those areas like hiring a financial planner.