Net Worth and Income-Based Retainers from The Planning Center

A podcast featuring Andrew Sivertsen, CFP® sharing with advisors about the structure and rational of NWI retainers.

#XYPNRadio welcomes Andrew Sivertsen to the podcast this week. Andrew is a financial planner, a partner at The Planning Center, and the current chair and past president of NextGen. His firm has led the way in providing innovative new options, like income-based retainers, in financial planning.

We are excited to talk to Andrew about the unique things The Planning Center is doing in the marketplace. Andrew and his team have created a service model designed to work with next-generation clients. Their retainer fee structure involves a net worth and income-based retainers, instead of just the typical fee-only structure of AUM.

Andrew’s story (as well as his firm) can inspire other young planners and teach them that it is possible to advance much faster than the traditional firms have previously allowed in their training programs.

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