How To Embrace Meaningful Virtual Meetings with TPC

by The Planning Center New Orleans

This article is based on, “How to Build and Maintain Meaningful Virtual Engagements” originally published by AdvisorNews.

“I didn’t realize how connected I could feel to someone I’ve never met before!” exclaimed a prospective client who just completed his first virtual meeting. He was delighted with how fluid the live video and screen sharing was interwoven into the conversation.

Technology use during meetings went from being (arguably) optional to necessary in a matter of weeks for many communities, including financial planners. TPC has always embraced technology and conducting client meetings virtually has become the norm. To help our clients navigate and embrace meaningful virtual meetings, TPC has put together a few tips: 

1. Using Video

Perhaps you have been connecting with friends and family on video for years or perhaps you are just learning. Rest assured, your TPC planner will help walk you through where to click and how to join your video meeting. They can also help you to adjust your audio, screens and any other features to help give the meeting that “in person” feel.  

2. Screen Sharing

During the meeting, your TPC planner will share all relevant documents, websites and resources. You will be able to view this on your screen and ask questions that you typically would in a face to face meeting.  

3. Meeting Preparation

Feel free to prepare for your meeting just like you always would. Jot down any questions or concerns to discuss. Your TPC planner will be well prepared for your meeting like they always are! 

4. Embrace the (Virtual) Space

Most TPC clients are enjoying video meetings from the comfort of their homes. We have also helped a few navigate video platforms so they can connect with their friends and family too!

5. Alternative Options

Virtual meetings will likely feel different than in-person meetings. Our goal is to keep you in a safe environment while doing our best to support you. If you have concerns with a virtual video meeting, please let your TPC planner know and we can find an alternative that will suit you. 

While virtual meetings may have some inelegance, they have certainly helped the world adjust to new ways of connecting. Contact your TPC planner to schedule a virtual meeting and embrace meeting in a new way. 


Jude Boudreaux, CFP®, is a Partner/Sr. Financial Planner in the Chicago and New Orleans offices of The Planning Center, a fee-only financial planning and wealth management firm. Email him at