A Difference Between an Employee and an Entrepreneur

I like to write at coffee shops.  Something about being out of my office allows me to focus on writing and not the many other things that are on my to-do list.

One of my favorites is connected to a hotel, and it has a large seating area that faces a row of floor to ceiling windows.  You can see the tourists walking around, and the cab stand where drivers wait to pick up fares. It’s a large hotel so there is a fairly steady flow of taxis and clients.

Many of the taxis are “company owned” meaning the driver is an employee.  These drivers pull up, come inside and order a coffee, and then stand outside with the other cab drivers waiting.

The other cabs are “driver owned”, where the driver is a contractor for the larger company.  They own their cab and are responsible for it entirely.  Their name is generally stenciled onto the passenger side of the cab, just above the front wheel.

Even if their name wasn’t on the side, you could probably tell the difference.  They park their cab, remove any trash left by previous passengers, wipe off the windows, the headlights, the grill, and the taillights.  Then, they will get a cup of coffee and talk to the other drivers.

This pattern continues over and over, no matter what day I am here.

There are lots of places you can work with a “company owned” advisor, but I hope you’ll chose to work with a “driver owned” advisor.  I think you’ll find that you’ll get where you want to go just as well with a “driver owned” company, but the experience of getting there will be more enjoyable.

Support an entrepreneur.  Buy Local.