Smart Money Moves to Make When Buying a New Car

By Matt Knoll, CFP® Sr. Financial Planner If you’re considering buying a new car there’s a lot to think about. Buy or lease? Make and model? Gas or electric? White or silver? It can lead to decision fatigue. Another challenge is that inventory at dealerships is down in the wake of the pandemic. Given the […]

Understanding Your Stock’s Cost Basis

Stock Chart

By Matt Knoll, CFP® & Caleb Arringdale, EA What is Cost Basis? Cost basis is the original value of a share of stock. Because stock prices go up and down frequently, you can use your stock’s cost basis to help determine if there is a gain or loss upon selling that stock. Mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, and real […]

Trading Tools and Practices That Add Value to Your Portfolio

Matt Knoll

By Matt Knoll, CFP ®, Sr. Financial Planner When looking under the hood of your investment portfolio, you will notice three practices working together to add value to your portfolio. Aligning your allocation to your risk tolerance and goals Rebalancing Market Pricing Adjustment Aligning Your Allocation to Your Risk Tolerance and Goals One of the […]

Your Money, Your Mind, and Your Investment Methods

Simplifying Tax Planning

Matt Knoll, CFP® and Amber Miller, CFP®, CSRIC® recently presented Your Money, Your Mind, and Your Investment Methods, as part of the Expedition to Retirement webinar series. To watch this informative webinar, complete the below information to receive access:

It’s Not Too Early: Money Saving Tips for Your Kids

By Matt Knoll, CFP ®, Sr. Financial Planner Kids build their foundational skills and habits for life as they grow up, and as a parent or grandparent, we play a big role in helping them learn and develop. Talking to kids about money to help them create good money habits can make a big impact […]

Cash Course: Exploring the early retirement movement

Matt Knoll, CFP® - Sr. Financial Planner

Matt Knoll discusses the FIRE movement and how people can plan ahead if they are seeking early retirement to obtain financial independence. Read the whole article here:

The FIRE Movement — Is it just a fad?

by Matt Knoll, CFP® Reading online finance articles, blogs, and tweets, there always seems to be a hot new trend. At the very beginning of investment history, the trend was tulip bulbs. Not too long ago it was bitcoin. Is the current FIRE movement a legitimate planning strategy, or more of an aspiration? Let’s first […]

Cash Course: How to Manage Student Loan Debt

Matt Knoll, CFP® - Sr. Financial Planner

Matt Knoll quoted in a Quad City Times article on advising people on how to manage their student debt. Read whole article here:

What is behind a CFP®?

Matt Knoll, CFP® - Sr. Financial Planner

What is behind a CFP®? by Matt Knoll As a young professional there are milestones, both personally and professionally that are strived for.  Getting married, buying a house, or getting a promotion might be some or all transitions a young professional works toward.  The transition from a college environment has passed and a new era […]