About last night…

So, last night happened, and we elected a new president. Other things to note:

– Volatility is soaring as measured by the VIX volatility index
– The dollar is falling vs foreign currencies
– Futures on the major US Indexes are down substantially.

Those things are all scary. I know how uncomfortable you are feeling right now. Chances are if you open your investment portfolios today you’ll see a smaller number than you did yesterday. That’s to be expected in a time like this. It’s worth noting that initial market reactions don’t generally predict long-term results.

If you look around your personal world, it’s also likely that not much is different today than it was yesterday. Your family, home, and community are the same as yesterday.

Try not to let the actions of the last 24 hours overshadow the truth that your life is probably still pretty great.

It’s useful to remember that the US Economy has survived a massive amount of change and upheaval over the past 70 years and beyond.

Remember that you’re investing for the next 20-30 years or more, not just the next week. That’s true even if you are retired or within a few years of retirement.

Focus on what you can control. Your spending decisions have just as much of an impact on your financial future as your investing decisions.

I’m confident that we’ll all get through this, though it may take a while to get to the new ‘normal’.

Things are going to be volatile and uncertain for a while, but I do believe that ultimately things will be OK.

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