Cash Flow & Income Management

No matter who you are in this world, one thing is for certain that from cradle to grave you’ll need cash flow. Managing your cash flow is the most critical element of your financial life that you will need a handle on. For this reason, the first steps of our journey with new clients commonly includes an exploration of this discipline.

In this assessment process, some of the areas we evaluate together include:

 Establish Current Income Streams

From wages, businesses, investments, social security, and more we will help you see when and where you are receiving money currently. We will also be able to project forward into the financial plan what income sources you will have to fund your goals.

Discuss Irregular Income & Expenses

Sometimes income doesn’t fit a nice mold, and when things like bonuses, commissions, or stock options are involved then special planning is needed. More important than irregular income is planning for irregular expenses and how to properly earmark funds for these needs..

Implement First Step Cash Management™

We will train you to use a cash flow system that helps simplify and understand your money by creating a decision-making process. By breaking expenses into past commitments, present choices, and future needs & wants, you will be able to automate a system for spending that give you peace of mind that you are making healthy choices and living within your means.

Optimize Banking structure

With some simple banking structure, we can line up bank accounts with automatic transfers to meet your needs and goals. Sometimes special considerations will need to be made for business owners or individuals with irregular income to smooth out the flow of cash at the bank.

Our Client-Centric Approach


For those new to financial planning, cash flow management may not even be on your radar. Your income and spending may not be complex. But the sooner you gain control of your spending, the more fruitful the rewards throughout your lifetime.

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As your financial profile matures, so too will your cash flow management needs. Baby sitters, travel, college tuition, parental care, and even your own retirement. Together we'll establish saving goals that allow you to live life to the fullest.

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At this stage, you are in full control of your cash flow, making sound financial decisions, and confident you won't run out of cash in your lifetime. Now your thoughts shift to passing that peace of mind forward to future generations.

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