Asset Protection & Preservation

Your assets represent the sum of your life’s work and sacrifices. There are many unexpected events in life that can derail or destroy your financial future, such as death, disability, liability lawsuits and long term care. Many Americans are unaware of the appropriate solutions to protect assets from these risks.

In this assessment process, some of the areas we evaluate together include:

Life Insurance Needs Analysis

The minimum and maximum amount of life insurance needed is determined from the goals: provide income, eliminate debts, fund college, pay burial costs, reduce tax burdens, or leave an inheritance. We will review your current policies and determine if they or other products will be needed to serve it’s intended purpose.

Protecting Your Income

When it comes to becoming too sick or hurt to work, many people think, “It won’t happen to me.” We will help you assess the risks, review current coverages, and determine if there is need remaining.

Health Insurance Strategies

We want to help you understand your coverage options whether it be through a personal plan, employer plan, Medicare, or the Marketplace. In certain cases, we can help you obtain significant tax savings that are available from funding HSAs to knowing how to optimize the new Premium Tax Credits when buying insurance from the Marketplace.

 Minimizing Long Term Care Risks

We want to educate our clients in the potential cost of long term care and when the right time is to start formulating a plan. From relying on family to Medicaid, or considering self insuring versus paying for a policy our goal is to help you determine how to assess and prepare for each of these strategies.

Property & Casualty Coverage

We want to know that your assets are protected. As life progresses, there will be times when it may be prudent to pass assets to adult children to protect you from liability risk or manage estate concerns.

Personal & Professional Liability

We will discuss what your liability risks are for both personal and professional needs. After reviewing any current policies, we can recommend a plan for coverage.

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