Accumulation & Retirement Planning

With strong cultural undertones in life to “live for today,” it is easy to put off a financial plan for the future. Unfortunately, most people’s perception of what they will need is far less than their actual need. Even if the need is known, it is difficult to keep up with all of the types of financial instruments and tax efficient strategies to get there.

In this assessment process, some of the areas we evaluate together include:

 Set & Review Goals

We will listen to your dreams and help you explore what is possible and set goals for everything major in the next 12 months to major lifetime milestones. Setting a goal is only half the battle, we will help you track and review progress towards your goals.

 Run Financial Projections

We utilize an advanced financial planning software that pulls together your expense needs, income sources, and assets to project a probability of success. By constantly updating the plan, we can determine if you are on track for your goals or if you can or need to make some adjustments due to being ahead or behind your goals.

Commit to a Plan

We will be your thinking partner to brainstorm and strategize the best way to utilize financial instruments and tax efficient vehicles to achieve your goals. Our goal is to help you prioritize your goals, and break them into measurable and attainable steps that can be tracked over time.

Maximize Use of Employee Benefits

We will help you review your employee benefit manual to explore what benefits you should take advantage of that will aid in your plan. This includes big things like retirement plans, pensions, and stock options to things that might be overlooked like health savings, insurance, and much more.

Our Approach to Accumulation and Retirement Planning

The Planning Center’s Michael Branham discusses how client conversations lead to retirement plans that serve their goals and expectations.

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Our Client-Centric Approach


One of the most important fundamentals in the early stages of your financial life is establishing optimal savings rates. An accumulation plan can help you identify your goals for retirement and education savings.

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As your income grows, so does the need to be tax efficient with yours savings. We can ensure you take full advantage of annual tax deductions for retirement plans, health savings accounts, and other executive benefits. In addition, as your assets grow so does the importance for having a well-executed investment strategy to enhance returns by compounding growth.

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An annual review of your retirement plan—before, during, and even after retirement—assures that you are on track to grow or sustain your assets. Careful planning to withdraw assets safely and tax-efficiently is the name of the game.

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