The TPC Process

“We uncomplicate the complicated” – Marty Kurtz, Founder, CFP®

We believe that all financial decisions are emotional decisions, and in order to make more effective decisions, everyone needs an objective third party to talk about life and money. The Planning Center is a fee-only financial planning firm that provides a safe place for you to discuss what matters most to you and your family with a team of trusted financial advisors. Our goal is to help you make better decisions as you navigate life's transitions and guide you toward the life you would like to have.

Am I On Track To Meet My Financial Goals?

What Should I Be Thinking About?

How Can I Stay Organized and Moving Forward?

Over time, your needs will evolve. The transitions you experience in life--marriage and family, wealth accumulation,your career--require an evolving perspective on priorities, strategies and goals. We incorporate this growth into our plan. We can analyze your situation and help manage your financial options to keep you organized and on course. Whatever stage of life you are in, we have the tools and knowledge to support you every step of the way.

What To Expect

Our financial planning process begins with you. We'll organize your current financial situation and set expectations and goals unique to your perspectives and wishes. With this shared understanding, we can discuss strategies and tactics to achieve your goals together.


Where are we now? What are our goals? What is possible? What would be amazing?


How do we use what we have to make change? How do we protect against things that can throw us off course?


What actions do we need to take? What habits should we instill to be aware of how we use our resources?

TPC Approach to Financial Planning

Financial planners from our team discuss why they enjoy helping clients with the technical and personal sides of money.

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TPC Independent Fee-Only Fiduciary Model

All of our financial planners adhere to an independent, fee-only, and fiduciary approach.  Find out why those are important titles when discussing your personal finance.

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