“Our Mistakes are Burned Up”

Nearly every client I meet with says some form of the following statement in our first meeting.

“We should be further along, we should have made better choices.”

I understand the simplicity that looking backwards can bring, and I feel the regret that we are all carrying around about financial decisions that should or shouldn’t have been made.

There’s another way to look at all of this baggage, however.

When he was 67, Thomas Edison’s factory was destroyed in a huge fire.  His quote on the morning after was:

“All our mistakes are burned up.  Thank God, we can start anew.”

What if we could just burn up all of your percieved mistakes, and start anew?  Making a fresh start using those lessons learned from years of trial and error?

My friend Carl Richards makes all of these great drawings to help people think about their money in simpler terms.  I particularly like the one I inserted above.  Here is where we are, and this is all that matters.

Start where you are, and take the first step towards the financial future you want.