Joyful – a Father’s Day reflection

Father’s Day for me has been much more reflection than celebration.  It’s my first Father’s Day, and it’s been a great weekend.

We were out yesterday with our daughter Lucy, who has been my happy girl since the day she was born.  She loves seeing other people walking around, and loves to smile and wave at them.  She was being her usual self yesterday, when a kind woman remarked that she was so Joyful, and such a blessing.

I’ve been thinking of that word ever since.  Joyful is what Lucy is, and she’s made me more joyful as well.  I think that most of you know that I’m primarialy a stay-at-home dad, and working from home launching a new company while caring for your infant isn’t the optimal situation.  But the more I think about it, the less I think I could have gotten as far as I have without her.

It’s tough to launch a new company and a new idea.  For every thing that goes right, there are a few that don’t.  Lucy is my constant reminder of what is (and what isn’t) truly important.  I’ve never laughed more during the day than I have since she’s been around.  And I’ve never been as thankful for her mother as I have since she nurtured and brought Lucy into our world.  Joyful is what she has made us.

For you fathers, I’ll leave you with a reflection that John Warnick posted on his wonderful blog earlier this week.

Did you grow up with the tradition of a visit from the tooth fairy every time you lost a tooth?  Remember the excitement you felt when you woke up and discovered the Tooth Fairy had brought you a shiny Silver Dollar or a treat.

What if you write notes from your heart to each of your children, and place them under their pillows after they have gone to sleep the night before Father’s Day.  When they proudly give you your Father’s Day present, you can surprise them by telling them there is something lying under their pillow.  Make sure you preserve a copy of your note.  Someday your child will be extremely happy you remembered them on Father’s Day and you preserved that special note for them to share with their family.

So my wish to all of you, is to have a Joyful Father’s Day, and to celebrate that bond you have with your children and your father.   I have to go and work on my Father’s Day note to Lucy.