Life Transitions Survey

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In each section, select the transitions that you are currently experiencing and those you are likely to experience in the future. In addition, check transitions in the short-term and long-term columns that you either hope to experience or anticipate with concern.


1. Change in career path
2. New Job
3. Promotion
4. Job loss
5. Job restructure
6. Education/training
7. Sell or close business
8. Transfer family business
9. Gain a business partner
10. Lose a business partner
11. Downshift/simplify work life
12. Sabbatical/leave of absence
13. Start or purchase a business
14. Retire
15. Phase into retirement


1. Purchase a home
2. Sell a home
3. Relocate
Purchase a vacation home/timeshare
5. Re-evaluate investment philosophy
6. Experience investment gain
7. Experience investment loss
8. Debt concerns
9. Consider investment oportunity
10. Receive inheritance or financial windfall
11. Sell assets


1. Change in marital status (marriage)
2. Change in marital status (divorce)
3. Change in marital status (widowhood)
4. Expecting or adopting a child
5. Hire child care
6. Child entering adolescence
7. Child with special needs (disabilities, medical/dental problems)
8. Child w/pre-college expenses (private school, tutor, lessons)
9. Child going to college
10. Child getting married
11. Empty nest
12. Family special event (Bat/Bar Mitzvah, anniversary party, special trip)
13. Helping and/or gifting grandchildren
14. Concern about aging parent
15. Concern about health of spouse or child
16. Family member needs caregiving
17. Concern about personal health
18. Provide for long-term care (parent, spouse, or self)
19. Disability / hospitalization (self or family member)
20. Death of family member


1. Increase charitable giving
2. Give special financial gifts to children / grandchildren
3. Give parental pension (monthly stipend)
4. Develop an estate plan
5. Change an estate plan
6. Develop an end of life plan