Two Questions

I recently got a chance to watch the movie “The Bucket List”. For those that know me and my taste in movies, I’m sure you won’t be surprised that I really loved it. The story of two men seeking out the experiences that they hoped to have before the end of their lives resonates with me deeply since I talk about this topic on a regular basis with my clients.

In one scene, it is mentioned that the Egyptians believed you were asked two questions at death. This intrigued me greatly and I did some further research.

The two questions are:

1. How much joy have you had in your life?


2. How much joy have you caused in other people’s lives?

The ancient Egyptians believed that at the entrance to the afterlife the god Anubis would weigh your heart against a cosmic feather. A heart weighed down by regrets, like not having or giving joy, will not balance. A heart free from regrets will balance, and you would be allowed through.

My question to you today is, how would you do on this test? Would you balance? What can you do to create and share more joy in your life?

P.S. – for those that are wondering, if your heart doesn’t balance, your soul would then be fed to a monstrous crocodile instead of passing on to the afterlife. Hopefully that’s more motivation for you to find and share joy today.