The Importance of Goal Setting as it Relates to your Portfolio

Michael Branham

by Michael Branham, CFP® While not the only (or even most important) aspect of a financial planner’s value proposition, portfolio management services may be the most visible to clients.  There are a couple of great articles from TPC advisors such as Andrew Sivertsen’s blog describing TPC’s investment philosophy, and Andy Baxley’s blog that discusses the process by […]

TPC Alaska: Funding Your Outdoor Lifestyle

Alaska Public Media’s Martha Rosenstein recently interviewed Mike Branham, CFP®, Sr Financial Planner. In this podcast, Mike talks about how you can fund your outdoor adventures and save for your future. Listen to the Podcast Michael Branham, CFP®, is a Sr. Financial Planner in the Alaska and Twin Cities offices of The Planning Center, a fee-only financial planning and wealth […]

A Weird, Wild “Market” Year (to date)

by Michael Branham, CFP® What a wild 2020 we’re having! The impeachment hearings in early 2020 are but a distant memory, with coronavirus and social justice headlines leading the way since mid-March and June, respectively. You have experienced one of the wildest stock market rollercoasters in memory, with massive declines in March and a resurgence […]

Ideas from OUR Community

by Michael Branham, CFP® Recently we sent a quick poll to ensure we are up to date – and up to the minute – on what’s on your mind. Some of the most valuable pieces of information were the things clients had to share about what they were doing to help themselves, their families and […]

Making Sense of the CARES Act

by Mike Branham, CFP® The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, designed to support individuals and businesses to weather the COVID-19 storm, is the largest aid and relief act in the history of the United States. TPC has summarized the a few of the key programs that may be relevant to you:  CARES […]

CARES Act for Businesses- Various Small Business Benefits

On Friday, March 27th President Trump signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act into law. This legislation is being billed as the largest aid and relief act in the history of the United States, and is designed to support individuals and businesses as we all weather this Coronavirus 19 (CV19) storm. The […]

Client Questions in Uncertain Times – Investor Questions Answered

by Michael Branham, CFP® As Americans and the world face uncertain economic outcomes, investors are asking important questions to understand what the bear market means for them. Michael Branham, Partner and Sr Financial Planner, has collated frequently asked questions (FAQs): FAQ: Should I be concerned about this market volatility?  First, we appreciate and acknowledge how difficult […]

What to Do if You Face a Possible Job Loss or Downsizing

by Michael A. Branham, CFP® Life is full of surprises and transitions. Weddings, the birth of a child, a new job/promotion, or a financial windfall would all fall in the “positive” surprise category with respect to your long-term financial planning. There are, however, surprises that are less favorable, and can create anxiety for those that […]

Planning for Retirement as a Single Person

Sr. Financial Planner

Michael Branham, Sr. Financial Planner & Partner in our Anchorage office was quoted in Kiplinger discussing Planning for Retirement as a Single Person… Click to read the entire article >>        

The Real (Intangible) Power of Financial Planning

by Michael A. Branham, CFP® Our lives are rarely, if ever, in neutral. New experiences inform us daily, new surprises (good and bad) occur frequently, and we’re forced to adapt to our situational existence on a regular basis.  Life’s changes, like the tides, include advancement and retreat, and we spend significant parts of our lives […]

How to Invest for Retirement with a Robo-Adviser

Andrew Sivertsen, CFP®, CeFT® - Sr. Financial Planner

Sr. Planners and Partners, Michael Branham and Andrew Sivertsen were both quoted this week in USA Today online in How to Invest for Retirement with a Robo-Adviser….click to read the entire article.  

The Where and Why of Maintaining Client Accounts

by Michael Branham We recently met with a prospective client who asked where we “held” their money, and the process we use in making those choices?  We get the first question often, but rarely does a client, or prospective client, ask the second.  We admired the diligence of that individual and we thought you, too, […]