Understanding Asset Allocation – The First Step in Investment Decision Making

By Cicily Maton, CFP® CeFT®, Sr. Financial Planner Let’s start by defining asset allocation: it is the implementation of a strategy to balance the reward an investor is hoping for with the risk likely to be experienced. This balance is achieved by blending classes of assets in varying percentages. The traditional asset classes are stocks […]

Three Steps to Make Good Financial Decisions

By Cicily Maton, CFP® CeFT®, Sr. Financial Planner About twenty-five years ago Michelle, TPC Partner and my daughter, were on our way to a financial planning conference. It was there that we met one of the pioneers of the industry, Dick Wagner. It was the first time we heard Dick tell everyone that there were […]

Life Transitions- How Emotions Can Dismantle Our Ability to Make Good Decisions

life transitions

By Cicily Maton, CFP® CeFT® Most of us do not even think of “life events” as transitions. Unless, of course, it is one of the biggies, like death of a spouse or loved one or a divorce. In fact, there are numerous life events that trigger transitions, like selling your business, getting married, having a […]

Presidential Elections and the Market


By Cicily Maton, CFP® CeFT® We all know there is a presidential election coming. It’s in the news, on television, Tweets, Facebook, Zoom. We can’t get away from it. There will be a continuous flow of information and misinformation from many sources who know, without a doubt, how the market will react depending on who […]

Cicily Maton: Investing During The Pandemic

Cicily Maton Investing During The Pandemic

TPC’s Cicily Maton, CFP ®, CeFT ®, was recently interviewed by Authority Magazine to help investors answer the question: What should I do with my money considering all of the volatility and uncertainty today? Click here to read the interview.       Cicily Maton, CFP®, CeFT®, is a Sr. Financial Planner in the Chicago office […]