How We Serve University Professors and Their Families

Whether you are beginning your academic career or approaching retirement, we have the experience and expertise to help you navigate your unique financial journey with confidence and peace of mind.

As proud members of the fiduciary planning community, we are committed to putting your interests first.

At The Planning Center, we have decades of experience addressing the needs of those in the academic community. Professors and administrators are presented with unique and complex planning opportunities that require a careful, nuanced approach. Generic financial advice simply will not suffice.  Our team of CFPs and CPAs can guide you through the process of exploring what’s possible while managing the important tasks and deadlines along the way.

Making the Most of Your Benefits Package

The benefits packages available to higher education employees and retirees are among the most generous and complex that we’ve encountered. Whether it’s choosing amongst the unique investment options available within your 403(b) and 457 plans, navigating the tuition assistance options available to your children, or determining whether or not to participate in the supplemental healthcare plan in retirement, we’re here to help every step of the way.

Managing Multiple Income Streams

Tenured professors enjoy a level of career stability few outside of higher education will ever experience. Still, many find that their annual incomes tend to fluctuate significantly from one year to the next when add-ons such as book royalties, consulting fees, and private practice revenues are taken into consideration. These uneven and multi-faceted income streams lead to many interesting planning, investing, and tax mitigation opportunities.

Planning for Non-Traditional Retirement Timelines

Nowhere are the needs of professors more nuanced than the realm of retirement planning. Unlike professionals in other industries, professors often enjoy a significant amount of flexibility around how, and when, they choose to retire. For some this means taking advantage of early retirement incentive programs. For others it’s designing a phased approach to retirement that strikes a balance between the need to stay intellectually engaged and the desire to explore new places and opportunities. No matter the path you follow, it’s critical to understand and navigate the financial implications associated with your chosen plan.

Case Studies

Read more about a few hypothetical situations where we’ve helped medical professionals with their compensation to reach their goals.

Case Study 1

As a fee-only firm, we only get paid by our clients and receive no commissions or referral payments. Our clients know every penny they are paying to us for our services.

Case Study 2

Our team of dedicated tax professionals work with our clients and planners to make the tax planning process part of the comprehensive financial planning process

Case Study 3

12 Certified Financial Planner Practitioners, 3 Certified Public Accountants, and more, all here to serve our clients. Only 25% of financial advisors are CFPs and we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Whether you are beginning your career, approaching retirement, or somewhere in the middle we have solutions to help you make the most of your income and working years.

As a fee-only financial planning firm, we accept fiduciary responsibility and are committed to taking the broad view and finding comprehensive solutions. Each one of our team members works with a small group of clients so you can receive attentive service that is designed to suit your individual situation.

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