Andy Baxley, CFP®, CIMA®, CeFT®

As a financial planner, I work with my clients to establish a clear vision for their ideal future, then leverage all their available resources to bring that dream to fruition. I derive immense satisfaction from seeing my clients experience the peace of mind that comes with financial security and the joy that flows from living […]

Marissa Feehan

With previously 10 years of hospitality and event management experience I am excited to be able to use my detail orientated, multi-tasking & social skills here at The Planning Center. My responsibility as the Client Services Specialist is to provide support to the entire TPC team, manage client paperwork between the custodians Axos Advisor Services […]

Anina Case, FPQP™

My job as a paraplanner is all about client support and resolving issues to help clients reach their financial goals. I assist the financial planning team in any way I can. Whether it is moving funds, inputting portfolio data, or answering questions, it gives me great satisfaction knowing that my assignments are done efficiently and […]

Wm. Marty Martin, PsyD

Back in 2000 when the market crashed, I found myself working with individuals and couples who were anxious, depressed, angry, and despondent about money. I decided that these individuals could benefit from all that traditional psychology and behavioral finance has to offer. Today, my focus at The Planning Center is to apply the science of […]

Michelle Maton, CFP®, EA, CeFT®

My most important responsibility as a partner is to help our clients achieve their financial goals. On any given day, you will find me focusing on financial planning, tax strategies and reviews, and transition planning, which helps clients for the inevitable ups and downs in life—for better or worse. In addition, I work with the […]