Integrated Tax Planning Advisory Services

Tax planning is one component of The Planning Center’s larger investment and wealth management strategy that we develop in concert with each client. That means tax considerations are seamlessly integrated into all financial decisions, whether it concerns estate, asset protection, or retirement. We deliver value by taking the time to understand the big picture of your family’s finances to create a unified financial strategy.

Before making any recommendations, we work with you to get a complete view of your goals and vision, as well as your financial holdings. Then, we analyze all decisions from a tax perspective before any action is taken. The key is collaboration. Our financial planners work closely with The Planning Center’s tax team to ensure all decisions are guided by what is most tax efficient, as well as consistent with your financial goals.

Our objective is not simply to help you find deductions at the end of the year. We proactively look at what you can do each year to put yourself in the most advantageous tax situation going forward. Like all components of your financial plan, proactive tax planning should align with your overall goals. We help you keep your eye on the ball and provide guidance so you can make decisions that serve you well in the long run.

No one wants to pay more taxes than necessary. Our tax advisory services
constantly evaluate options to help you find the most cost-effective solutions that allow you to grow and maintain your assets in the most tax efficient way possible. Because every client’s situation is unique, we take the time to carefully consider all the tax ramifications, whether you’re updating your estate plan, managing your investment portfolio, or expanding your charitable giving. Our financial planners work in tandem with our tax team to bring tax reduction strategies that advance your larger financial goals.

Tax Management Advisory Services that Simplify the Complex

Our Process

The tax code is incredibly complex and constantly changing. It’s surprisingly easy for one action to have dramatic and unanticipated tax ramifications. To avoid surprises, our tax advisory services take a systematic approach to tax planning that clarifies and simplifies the process for our clients.

Tax returns are a window into your financial life. Through our tax advisory services, we review them to gain valuable insight into all aspects of your finances. Returns can also provide clues that may have been overlooked and could open the door to new tax-savings opportunities. By reviewing your last two tax returns, we can glean information that is crucial to current and future tax planning. Our tax advisory services will also provide guidance for your overall investment and wealth management strategy.

Running a tax projection is a complex process of adjusting your last tax return for changes that you expect to occur in the current year. With the expertise of our tax advisory services, we use these inputs to calculate a client’s estimated tax return ahead of time. Tax projections can help clients make informed decisions and eliminate surprises. A tax projection can also help you avoid making tax decisions that might pay off in the short-term but would prove costly in the long-term. Our tax team work with our financial planners to run tax projections during the year that help determine effective strategies to minimize your annual and lifetime taxes.

We measure the success of an optimization strategy by how much money our clients keep after paying taxes. Our tax advisory management service takes a comprehensive approach to tax optimization by looking at a wide range of factors in order to minimize your overall long-term financial risk. Optimization can determine how you save and invest for retirement, which types of investments are the right fit for your financial circumstances, and your best options for transferring wealth. All financial decisions are considered within a framework that seeks to optimize and reduce your lifetime tax liability.

Transparent Pricing

Our financial planners are certified fiduciaries who are fully committed to ensuring your best interests guide every decision. We have no proprietary products to sell and no quotas to fill. Through our tax advisory services, we offer independent and objective tax advice that serves your best interests. As a fee-only planning firm, we don’t sell products, earn commissions, or derive revenue from any third-party source.  For most clients, tax planning fees are integrated with the flat fee for financial planning.

Team Approach to Tax Management Advisory Services

We simplify your tax preparation by providing services for planning, investments, and taxes under one roof. Our tax team is highly knowledgeable in the complexities of tax laws, changes, requirements, and work closely with our financial planners to provide a variety of tax planning strategies to meet your short-term and long-term financial goals.

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