Asset & Debt Management

Our society glorifies income and flashy spending, but this does not equal financial wealth. Spending beyond one’s means is one of the many traps in our lives that can slow or destroy financial growth. In order to make a plan to go somewhere, you first know where you truly are and the same is true for our finances

In this assessment process, some of the areas we evaluate together include:

Establish & Track Net Worth

We will help bring clarity to where your wealth is and how it is progressing. Achieving growth takes a combination of savings, debt pay-down, and investing.

Review Cash Reserves & Liquidity

Reserves are needed to prevent costly consequences from unexpected bumps in the road. We will help determine how much liquidity you need and where it should be kept.


Assess Credit & Explore Possibilities

Some types of credit can be used for wealth creation, but others are destructive. We will help you determine how to best utilize good credit and how to best reorganize or eliminate bad debt

 Planning for Business

We will review current entity structure, documents, and potential succession plans to determine any income or taxation complications and explore possible retirement plans and line up the best option for your goals.


Our Approach To Asset & Debt Management

Jude Boudreaux, CFP®, explains how the benefits of solid planning create a more enjoyable and stress-free future.

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Our Client-Centric Approach


Understanding your net worth is probably one of the best barometers of financial success. By reviewing your balance sheet, you can determine which assets are the most important for wealth creation and which debts are most destructive to it—and plan accordingly.

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Tax efficiency is one of the biggest keys to growing your assets. Knowing the positive and negative effects of interest-bearing debt and how to utilize its features can be a powerful tool for growing your net worth.

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Careful planning and preparation are required to make certain businesses and other assets are set up using the correct entities. Other advanced planning strategies may also be needed to review and execute stock options, restricted stocks, or other retirement plans and benefits.

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