Messy Divorce and Messy Finances: How to Navigate Your Money During and After a Divorce

By Matthew Sivertsen, CFP®, CeFT® Divorce can be messy, creating questions on how to move life forward. The team at The Planning Center have worked with clients going through divorces and members of our team are Certified Financial Transitionists (CeFT®), a training we received to help our clients navigate important decisions during life’s transitions and […]

Gifting to Family Members

By Matthew Sivertsen, CFP®, CeFT® For people who have excess capacity in their own personal financial plan, often the discussion leans toward a conversation on how to gift and pass money to parents, children, or grandchildren while they can see the impact it can have on those loved ones. The first step is making sure […]

We Are All in This Together

By Matthew Sivertsen, CFP®, CeFT® 2020 was quite a year for us all at The Planning Center. We have grown stronger as a Company and as individuals during this pandemic. More than ever before, we are focused on and committed to our vision – to serve families like yours across multiple generations. As we cross […]

Corporate Downsizing – How to Navigate through the Turbulence

Corporate Downsizing

By Matthew Sivertsen, CFP®, CeFT® Uncertainty is an uncomfortable word, especially if it is being used to describe our employment! Turbulent seems to be a good adjective for 2020 in meaning characterized by conflict, disorder, confusion, not controlled or calm. Yes, that sounds like exactly what could lead some companies to question the future and […]

Sometimes, the Answer Should Be “No.”

By Matthew Sivertsen, CFP® Some time ago, a memorable article in the Washington Post by financial columnist, blogger and equities analyst Barry Ritholtz advised investment clients to “say ‘yes’ to the financial advisor who will tell you ‘no.’”  His article pointed out the daily dilemma that all financial advisors face: should we do what a […]

3 Ways To Take Advantage Of Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgages have changed a lot over time, and it’s important that retirees know exactly how they can leverage this program to benefit from it in the most efficient way possible. This Forbes article details an in-depth discussion about reverse mortgages with our very own Matt Sivertsen, and how retirees can take advantage of this powerful […]

Responsibly Using a Reverse Mortgage in a Retirement Plan

By Matthew Sivertsen, CFP® Reverse mortgages have long been thought of as merely a last resort for someone’s retirement plan, the only remaining alternative when nothing is left to draw on. Before 2013, lending rules were much different and reverse mortgages got a bad rap for giving borrowers up to 100% of a home’s value.  […]

Choosing Between a Lump Sum and Future Payments

By Matthew Sivertsen, CFP® and Cicily Maton, CFP®   As financial planners, we are consistently faced with helping people understand various concepts related to money. One concept that comes up time and time again is whether to take a lump sum of money, or choose instead a series of payments in the future.   Admittedly, […]

Long-Life Learning (The Pursuit of Mastery)

By Matthew Sivertsen, CFP®     Since Tiger Woods’ recent win at the 2019 Masters Tournament, I am sure there are a lot of people daydreaming about what life would be like if they were able to play golf as well as Tiger Woods. Think champion, and that instantaneous visualization of someone who is super talented comes […]

Cash Course: Five Ways to Trick Yourself into Saving Money

Matthew Sivertsen, CFP®, CeFT® - Sr. Financial Planner

Matt Sivertsen, CFP®, CeFT®, Partner and Senior Financial Planner with The Planning Center in the Quad Cities discusses tactics people can use to save more money. Read the whole article here:

Cash Course: New Year, New Budget

Sr. Financial Planner

Matt Sivertsen, CFP®, CeFT®, Partner and Senior Financial Planner in the Quad Cities office of The Planning Center, discusses how with the right tools, New Year’s can be one of the best times to rethink your finances and set new goals. Read the whole article here: