How to Afford and Plan for Your Baby


By Amber Miller, CFP®, CSRIC™, Sr. Financial Planner Last summer, my husband and I had our first child. While I’ve loved the experience, the rumors are true – babies introduce a lot of stressors into our lives, especially when it comes to money. The good news is that with a little forethought, there are steps […]

Why Many Young Couples Seek Out Female Financial Advisors

female financial advisors

Amber Miller, Sr. Financial Planner at our Twin Cities office discusses the trend of Gen X and Y’s seeking out female financial advisors in an interview with ThinkAdvisor. Read the Full Article Here     Amber Miller, CFP®, CSRIC ™ is a Sr. Financial Planner in the Twin Cities office of The Planning Center, a fee-only financial […]

Which ESG Funds Are a Good Fit for Socially Conscious Clients

ESG Funds

CNBC recently featured Amber Miller, CFP®, CSRIC™ on how she works with clients that are interested in learning about environmental, social and governance factors that underpin sustainable investments.     Amber Miller, CFP®, CSRIC ™ is a Sr. Financial Planner in the Twin Cities office of The Planning Center, a fee-only financial planning and wealth management firm. Email […]

Can My College Savings Plan be Used for More than College?

529 College Savings Plan | The Planning Center

by Amber Miller, CFP®, CSRIC™ College savings plans, which include 529 Plans, are a great tax advantaged way to save for college. And now they’re more! Originally, college savings plans existed to invest savings that could grow tax free and as long as you spent the money on college expenses, the withdrawals were tax free […]

Minneapolis: Nothing is Normal

by Amber Miller, CFP®, CSRIC™ Accepting the Uncomfortable Together  I had already planned on taking last week off from work. I was hoping to find a little of my own space to re-energize around work and my family life. Working from home isn’t so much the problem, as staying at home after. There’s nothing normal about […]

Getting Started with Sustainable Investing

by Amber Miller, CFP®, CSRIC™ As a purchaser of goods and services you have choices: the recycled printer paper or the glossy white, the organic bananas or the regular, ride your bike or drive to work.  As investors, we also have options: sustainable investing versus traditional. Sustainable investors might make a choice about lowering our […]

Protecting Your Portfolio from Future Pandemics in a Simple and Ethical Way

by Amber Miller, CFP®, CSRIC™ Zoom calls have taken over my professional and personal life. One topic that keeps coming up with my clients, family and friends is the uncomfortable, yet probable, scenario that this isn’t the last pandemic we’ll experience in our lifetimes. And the question of how we can protect ourselves is on […]

Tech Tools For Today’s Young Advisor

Autumn K. Campbell, Financial Planner, shares the importance of young financial advisors staying up to date on current technology to improve accuracy and efficiency within their own practices such as video conferencing, scheduling, and electronic document storage.

TPC’s Chartered SRI Counselor

A groundbreaking certification in the fast-growing field of sustainable, responsible and impact investing (SRI), becoming a Chartered SRI Counselor is no easy feat. But, a force to be reckoned with, TPC’s Amber Miller became the fourth in Minnesota to do so… and is only one of 150 worldwide who hold this designation! Amber Miller, CFP®, […]

Certified Financial Planner Reveals True Meaning of ’Life Planning’

Life planning is more than just numbers. It’s about digging in and clarifying what a client REALLY wants from their life. In this interview, TPC Financial Advisor Amber Miller answers the hard-hitting questions that matter most when it comes to helping clients achieve their lifelong goals. Amber Miller, CFP®, is a Sr. Financial Planner in […]

Clients Want to Work With Female Advisers, and Firms Are Taking Notice

Female advisors are scarce in the wealth-management industry. The WSJ spotlights TPC’s very own Amber Miller in this informative read all about the strong women changing what it means to be a financial planner. Check out the full story here: