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Kathi Parrish, FPQP™, CRPS

Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional

Quad Cities

My role as a Project Manager allows me to work on various assignments as needed. I often help our team with compliance-related work, and my sweet spot is researching information to provide answers to technical questions or problem solve for clients and/or fellow employees. Finding The Planning Center when seeking a late career change was a revelation and revitalization for me. My plan is to continue providing my services to the staff and clientele of The Planning Center as long as it is practicable in keeping with my desire to balance family/personal time and work time.

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” [John F. Kennedy]

In my spare time I enjoy playing and listening to music (I serve as our choir’s accompanist at my church), and reading mysteries and spy novels. I find sewing therapeutic, and I’ve recently begun quilting. I love watching football, both collegiate and professional. In fact, I have season tickets to University of Iowa (my alma mater) games and I attend games at University of Illinois (my late husband’s alma mater) as well.


Affiliations: Fee-Only Planning

Areas of Expertise: My tax experience as an Enrolled Agent has served me well, as has my experience in the brokerage industry

Education: BA in IR/HR at University of Iowa

Memberships: T.T.T. National Society—A women’s philanthropic organization; Board Member for Western District Library

Most important accomplishment:
Having married such a great role model sent my life’s journey in a great direction, and as a result I have two capable, loving, kind adult children, their spouses, and five treasured grandchildren.

My greatest extravagance (under $100):
I love going to see movies at the theatre, which provides me with a total escape from any challenges I am facing at the time. Plus, the smell of popcorn is comforting. It’s reminiscent of my childhood when my dad often made popcorn in the evening.

 My personal hero:
My late husband exemplified a true servant and leader in all aspects of his life and he continues to serve as my hero.

The person I look up to:
I look up to the partners at The Planning Center, who work tirelessly to maintain a company centered on strength of character and care for our clients as well as for employees.

Why I love what I do:
My work at The Planning Center has evolved over the years, and each assignment provides me with opportunities to continue to learn and grow. Since I love learning, I feel it is an ideal work environment.

10+ Years
Avg. Client


We build powerful relationships by working towards common goals

232 Years


We learn and teach continuously

100 Percent


We listen and keep an open mind

Year Vision

Forward Looking

We make decisions with future generations in mind



We hold ourselves accountable for pursuing the highest standards

100 Percent


We work directly for our clients and put client’s interests first

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