Two of your most valuable resources are your time and money. Yet giving them to other people is typically an afterthought and done fairly scattered and ad hoc when one is moved. Everyone can be a philanthropist with a strategic plan to give time and money wisely and use tax strategies efficiently to have the greatest impact on the world.

In this assessment process, some of the areas we evaluate together include:

Define Values & Goals

We will help you look at how you are allocating your time and money to various charitable efforts. Our hope is to help you prioritize what is going to make the biggest impact toward your goals.

Make a Giving Plan

We will assess what giving strategies are available that line up with your intended goals. By looking at the overall plan, we will make sure to coordinate all planning techniques

Optimize Tax Efficiency

From Donor-Advised Funds to Trusts to Foundations and more, there are a number of underutilized tools that typically reduce tax liability far better than writing a check to a charity. We will help you explore ideas to make sure the giving of your money and assets is done efficiently.

Collaborate with Experts

Many charitable strategies involve many third parties including Foundations, Trustees, Attorneys, Accountants, Fundraisers and more. We will be there to collaboratively lead the team so that you don’t have to.

Our Approach To Philanthropy

JJ Sessions explains how The Planning Center can help create a financially-sound plan for giving without suffering the complexities or anxieties.

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Our Client-Centric Approach


Time and money are your two most limited assets. Creating a giving plan will help determine both your capacity for giving and which causes you are most passionate about—allowing you to confidently filter through the numerous requests for donations.

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Check writing may no longer be the most tax efficient form of giving. Gifting highly-appreciated shares or incorporating a donor-advised fund into your investment management strategy may save you significant tax dollars. In addition, it can put more money where you want it most—with your preferred charities.

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With a taxable estate, there are three places money can go: heirs, government, or charity. Understanding how to adjust beneficiary designations and the potential of charitable trusts can ensure that you maximize the value for heirs and charitable bequests. It will also help minimize the amount Uncle Sam receives.

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