A Financial Plan in 140 Characters?

I was having a recent conversation on Twitter with my good friend Michael Kitces (@MichaelKitces).  We were discussing the benefit of distilling points to 140 characters, and he raised the question of what’s the best financial plan we could come up with using just 140 characters?  We started to work on it and passed it around through some other practitioners for their input.  Michael wrote a great post on his blog that compiled the answers received.

The best I could do was: Know your goal. Save 10% of pay min. Insure life, health, disability. Track exps. Learn from mistakes. 3 mos of exps in cash

My favorite fun answer from my friend Matt (@EatPizza) was “Drink only High Life and Jameson. Invest in rare vinyl. Habitually lose your ATM card. No such thing as too many sandwiches.”

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